Life Extension Mag - Testosterone Improves Quality of Life

Testosterone Improves Quality of Life

Dr. Morgentaler talks about Testosterone and Prostate Cancer, and his newly released book "The Truth About Men and Sex" - in Life Extension Magazine June 2015.

One of the fastest-growing areas in medicine today is the use of testosterone in men, particularly during the middle years. Most of my academic credentials within medicine come from my work with testosterone, as I was one of the first to recognize that healthy men can experience an age-related natural decline in hormones that affects their sexuality and vitality, and which can be treated successfully with testosterone therapy.

Although testosterone has been used since the 1930s, it was a small backwater in medicine until the last 20 years or so. I feel as if I were there at its modern-era birth and have taken a degree of uncertain pride as I’ve watched the field expand. Although I’ve published many articles on the benefits of testosterone, my greatest contribution has been to show that the long-held belief that testosterone is risky for prostate cancer is false. As the fear of testosterone has declined, physicians have become more comfortable with it, leading to a crescendo of interestin its use.

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