Dr Abraham Morgentaler

Dr. Morgentaler has made immense scientific and clinical contributions to the field of testosterone and men’s health.”

Abdul Traish, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Urology and Biochemistry, Boston University

Abraham Morgentaler, MD, FACS

Physician | Author | Speaker


Dr. Abraham Morgentaler is one of the great pioneers in men’s health over the last 30 years. His research on testosterone – first in lizards, and then in humans – has revolutionized biological concepts and changed medical practice. He is the leading global expert in the area of testosterone and prostate cancer.

Dr. Morgentaler is an Associate Professor of Surgery (Urology) at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School in Boston. In 1999, Dr. Morgentaler opened the first comprehensive men’s health center in the US, Men’s Health Boston. He is an author of five books for the public, has published more than 200 scientific articles, and appeared on numerous national television and radio shows and podcasts.

Dr. Morgentaler is available for medical consultations, review of legal cases, interviews, and speaking engagements.




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Immediate Past-President, Androgen Society

Senior Editor, Androgens: Clinical Research and Therapeutics

Associate Professor of Surgery (Urology), part-time Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Blavatnik Family Faculty Fellow Harvard Medical School



Testosterone, Prostate Cancer, Men’s Health, Human Sexuality



Dr. Morgentaler has been a highly sought-after speaker for both medical and lay audiences. His keynote address titled “Testosterone, Science, and Human Dignity” has earned standing ovations at numerous medical conferences, but is also well suited for the public.

Dr. Morgentaler’s most recent book, The Truth About Men and Sex, provides a fun and interesting starting point to discuss the intersection of sexuality, relationships, and the nature of being.

Dr. Morgentaler has a large library of videotaped talks on various aspects of male sexuality, particularly the use of testosterone therapy in men.


Consults & Legal

Dr. Morgentaler is available for consultation via telephone or Zoom. Common reasons to seek consultation with Dr. Morgentaler is for concerns regarding testosterone, prostate cancer, or other Men’s Health issues. You may arrange for a consultation by submitting the contact form.

Dr. Morgentaler is an experienced expert witness in legal cases, specializing in cases involving alleged complications related to the use of testosterone therapy. If you have interest in engaging Dr. Morgentaler, you can get in touch by submitting the contact form.