Dr. Morgentaler has published five best-selling books for the public. His first, The Male Body, is a primer on how the male anatomy works.

The Viagra Myth was published five years after the introduction of the revolutionary pill, and through patient stories examined the intricacies of male sexuality, and how ideas about a man’s own sexuality influenced a man’s hopes and dreams.

Testosterone For Life is the best-selling book of all time on testosterone. It explains what testosterone is, what happens when testosterone levels decline, and the risks and benefits of treatment. The book was written for the public, but has been a primer for many physicians!

Finally, The Truth About Men and Sex (first published in hardcover as Why Men Fake It), is an intimate look behind the closed door of Dr. Morgentaler’s exam room. Dr. Morgentaler applies his keen insight to bear on the remarkable world of human sexuality, sharing one remarkable story after another, and their psychological implications.

The Truth About Men and Sex: Intimate Secrets from the Doctor's Office by Abraham Morgentaler, MD
Why Men Fake It by Abraham Morgentaler, MD
Testosterone for Life by Abraham Morgentaler, MD
The Viagra Myth by Abraham Morgentaler, MD
The Male Body by Abraham Morgentaler, MD