Baum, Neil H. MD, and Morgentaler, Abraham, MD. “Interviews with Icons: Abraham Morgentaler, MD, FACS, and Testosterone Therapy in Clinical Medicine” February 2023. Accessed Jun 2023.

  • Coined the term “low T”
  • Pioneered modern use of testosterone therapy
  • First comprehensive Men’s Health center in US (1999)
  • First set of clinical recommendations for testosterone therapy (2004 New England Journal of Medicine)
  • First publication on use of T therapy in men at risk for prostate cancer
  • First publication on use of T therapy in men on active surveillance for prostate cancer
  • Developed Saturation Model
  • Showed testosterone therapy does not cause rapid progression of prostate cancer
  • Co-founded Androgen Study Group, which challenged unfounded fears of cardiovascular risk with T therapy
  • First book for public and physicians on how to diagnose and treat testosterone deficiency
  • Created and chaired Expert Consensus Meeting on Testosterone (Prague 2015)
  • Co-founded Androgen Society
  • First President of Androgen Society
  • Co-founded the journal, Androgens: Clinical Research and Therapeutics
  • Senior Editor, Androgens: Clinical Research and Therapeutics
  • Invited lecturer in more than 30 countries
  • 2022 John K. Lattimer Lecture at annual meeting of American Urological Association